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To book, please email
or text 07305 806741

Session Fees

Children's Activities

Mrs Stanley’s Rhyme Time    45 minute session, £3.50 per session

Small Tales  45 minute session, £3.50 per session

Tea Time Stories (age 5+) 1 hour session, £3.50 per child

Lucky Dip Stories and Songs  30 minute session, £2.50 per child

Fun Songs for Kids (age 5+) 1 hour session £3.50 per child

Round and Round Family Sing 1 hour session, £4 per adult, children under 8 free.

​​​Birthday parties, please email for more information

Read to Grow please email for more information

50p discount per child for 2 or more siblings

Under 5s can attend sessions for children aged 5+ if space is available

Discounts for childminders & home schoolers attending with groups of children

Babies come for free but a donation is welcome if you feel they have benefited

Adult Activities

Storytelling Workshops 3 hours, £13

Storytelling Cafe £3.50

Round and Round Adult Sing 90 min session, £5 per person

Unruly Tongues From £8. Ticket prices vary per show. Advance booking wild-about-story

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