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Christmas in the Story Shed

Santa in the Shed

Cedar Farm Christmas Shopping Night

Wednesday 4th December, 5.30 & 6.30pm

Chat with Santa, carols, a story from Mrs Stanley and a gift. Tickets £8

Limited places so bookings in advance only. 

More information here

'Little Robin Red Vest' told by Mrs Stanley

Saturdays 14th & 21st December

11.30 am & 2 pm

How did our gorgeous Robin come to have a red breast? Enjoy Mrs Stanley's re-telling of Jan Fearnley's magical story 'Little Robin Red Vest'. Seven little vests are given to seven of Robin's animal friends but that leaves Robin with nothing to keep him warm. But Robin is rescued and reminded that his generosity is what makes him so special. A heart warming story which reminds us all of what is at the heart of Christmas. A 50 minute session with carols and a mini mince pie. £3.50 booked in advance or £4.50 on the day.

Book here

Christmas Craft

Saturdays 14th & 21st December

3 - 5pm Drop In   £4

A choice of Christmas decorations to make. For children aged 3+ accompanied by an adult.

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